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    1. Dear Mr. Jokin Raj,

      Thanks for your mail and I am sorry for replying you very late. Your suggestion will be discussed in the forthcoming TNBC meeting to be held in Poondi from 15th 19th July. After the meeting we shall inform you duly.

      God bless you!

  1. Dear His Grace in Christ,
    Loving Greetings !
    The wordings of newly translated Missal which has come into effect from 14.2.2018 are highly meaningful, thoughtful and soulful. Thanks to TNBC. As a regular Church goer, I would like to request our Most Rev Bishops of TN to initiate necessary action for composing uniform tune (music) for singing both by the Priests as well as people attening Holy Mass in our Churches. Now they (both Priests and parishioners) are getting confused to sing properly. It is humbly requested that a good soul stirring common tune may be composed by an experienced catholic composer either Priests or by a professional musician and then distributed to all Parishes to follow uniformly. It would pave way spiritually to maintain uniformity and to help our Priests, Church choir and laity. Otherwise, everyone will sing in their own way and in the long run Mass saying will be different in different churches. I beseech our Bishops once again to take immediate action for composing a good tune and release a CD and distribute to all the Churches in Tamil Nadu to follow and practice the same. Our worship and adoration will be very powerful and more effective when the entire congregation sings common tune unformly throughout our state Tamil Nadu.

    Thanking you,

    Lovingly in Christ,

    Ph 9444005483

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